About us

About us

” Agroparago ” is a social initiative of young scientists, which was created to implement socio-economic development activities in the primary sector and rural areas under environmentalprincipals.

The first commitment started in 2013 with the project “Standard Crops Platform of Konitsa’s plain, Ioannina region, Greece”, funded by the Angelopoulos Fellowship – Clinton Global Initiative University 2013 and accomplished in 2015. The aim of the project is the platform consists a key tool for local residents to cultivate specific herbs according to the survey results.

The above project, supported by Angelopoulos Fellowship 2016 is continuing with an ongoing mission by giving the chance to unemployed, landless residents to cultivate the first 50 municipal acres through providing scientific guidance, installation costs of crops and absorption of the product. Our vision is this activation attempt be the leverage for any interested person or group to cultivate its land and through a cooperative model restart the agricultural production in Ioannina region.

One of the ongoing active actions is to create an active mapped platform of producers in agriculture, livestock, poultry, fish farmers and beekeepers where they can show who they are, Where and what they produce. The mission of this action is to be the core of networking and cooperation among farmers, to advertise, promote their production and consulting them. Whilst an information point for young interested farmers that face lack of information on agricultural sector, will thus have the opportunity through the website to communicate with people who are already producing the product that they are interested in. As also to be a database for research in the scientific community and a search tool for individuals and agencies.

Moreover, ”Agroparago” organizes and participates in several meetings and conferences related to rural development, agriculture sector and environmental awareness.

”Agroparago” was founded on 2013 by Natalie Balafa who motivated by the problems and needs of current and future Greek farmers and operates as an Non for Profit Organization.